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Salute Law is dedicated to representing employees who have been victims of sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination by their employers and supervisors.

Salute Law has been providing personalized and timely counsel to the people of Los Angeles since 2000. I know how complex and overwhelming the legal process can be. My goal is to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case.  

Significant Verdicts & Settlements


Below are some significant verdicts and settlements in cases handled by Salute Law.  Please understand that the results of each case vary based on the merits of each case.  Also, some cases are handled in conjunction with other attorneys as lead attorney or co-counsel.

Whistleblower Retaliation
$750,000 Settlement, 2017, Wade v. City of Los Angeles, Retaliation for reporting unlawful conduct.
$600,000 Verdict, 2019, Davila v. Los Angeles Unified School District, Teacher retaliated against for reporting suspected child abuse.
$566,803 Verdict, 2013, Willard v. Merle William Foundation, Employee wrongfully terminated for refusing to engage in illegal activity - immigration fraud.
$500,000 Settlement, 2019, Case ID Confidential, Employee terminated for reporting illegal conduct.
$87,500 Settlement, 2019, Case ID Confidential, Employee wrongfully terminated for reporting and refusing to engage in illegal activity.
$2,400,000 Verdict, Bakotich et al v. City of Los Angeles, Police officers subjected to retaliation for reporting and failing to participate in gender discrimination. (Affirmed on appeal)
$850,000 Settlement, Case ID Confidential, Employee disciplined and removed from position for taking baby bonding leave.
$735,000 Verdict, 2013, Blackstone v. City of Los Angeles, Employee disciplined and removed from position for refusing to participate in gender discrimination.  (Affirmed on appeal)
Wage & Hour Cases
$500,000 Settlement, Case ID Confidential, Class action award to employees of retail business for off the clock work, overtime claims, and related claims.
$58,000 Settlement, 2018, Case ID Confidential, Award to individual employee in food service industry for unpaid wages, overtime, and related claims.
Slip & Fall
$337,500 Settlement, Case ID Confidential, Slip and fall in restaurant.
Sexual Assault
$375,000 Settlement, Case ID Confidential, Probation officer allegedly committed sexual assault on ward under his control.
Pregnancy Cases
$300,000 Settlement, Case ID Confidential, Employee terminated for taking leave due to pregnancy complications.
$30,000 Settlement, 2016, Case ID Confidential, Employee terminated for taking pregnancy leave.